Most parent have the difficult task of taking decisions regarding technology which didn’t even exist when they were children themselves. They go by their instinct to make the right decisions and to understand what is best for their child. Sometimes the whole thing can be pretty confusing and can leave the best of u bewildered. However, the following are a few tips from the expert teachers at preschools in Darwin which would help you arrive at the right decisions.

Technology for communicating

You can use the mobile to build connections which can help develop your child mentally and socially. Bring them closer to the family by letting them Face time Grandparents or Skype their cousins and friends. These days there are many families which live far from one another. Technology though has helped bridge the gap. It helps children stay connected to their extended family.

Show your child interesting stuff using your computer or mobile

You can show some interesting videos to your children. For example if there is a certain question that they ask you, what better way to explain it to them then showing it on You tube.  Children are highly visual creatures. They can learn a great deal by watching things and it always creates a lasting impact on their active minds. Use the dictionary to learn new words or get to know the spellings of words that they already know. There are games which help facilitate language learning. You could teach your child a language or two by downloading the different language apps. Children love to learn new things and this is one way which you could help them.

Get involved with your children

Don’t just handover the mobile or the computer to your child and let them watch it unattended. While it’s an attractive option to ensure that the child stays quiet and involved, it’s important for parents to supervise them at all times. Its better that you involve yourself in what your child is watching. Discuss what the child thinks about the content they just watched. Listen to their opinion and have a healthy discussion with them. This would help develop mental capability in children from a young age and make them feel that their opinions are valued.

 Make them experience the hands on approach

Before you invest in technology in the form of an iPad or a laptop, make sure that your child is involved in activities which teach them a hands on approach. They should show an active interest in reading books, painting and coloring or indulging in physical play. There is no amount of technology which can substitute for all of the above mentioned things. Make sure that any experience they have with the real world is all the more important. In fact if possible try to control the amount of time they spend using technological gadgets. Some experts advise screen time of less than two hours for children. Some consider this as too much. Make sure your child doesn’t exceed the suggested time.

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