The math tutor provides assistance to the students specifically in Math subject. Math tutoring can be done individually or by a small group. There are different forms and methods of math tutoring.

  • Home-based tutoring – tutoring is typically done in the home. It is good if both the tutor and the student have the same location or the home is accessible.
  • Online tutoring – this is only possible if there is an internet. Tutoring is usually done through video conferencing or chat. Tutoring through a video call is more convenient compared to a chat. The tutor use a virtual white board during the session. One of the disadvantages of this form is when there is a low speed internet connection, it is difficult for the student to understand the discussion.
  • After-school tutoring – where tutoring occurs every after the school finish in a day and this can be personal or through online. The student usually tells the tutor about what they have discussed in school and he/she asked for help especially in things that he/she didn’t understand.

Math tutoring is a big help especially for students who find math as the most difficult subject. The tutor should encourage the students how possible and how fun it is to learn. The tutor tells the student how math is important in life. The tutor uses different techniques to make the students become more interested in learning it. Making it fun yet challenging can motivate them and make them stay active. Math tutoring is not just for those who are struggling with Math. This is also for students who love math but still want to improve and become excellent.

There are many benefits in Math tutoring such as:

  • It can build confidence and self-esteem.
  • The student gets the attention he or she needs.
  • This improves math skills and can become expert.
  • It can encourage the student how necessary it is to learn math.
  • It can improve the student’s ability to analyse and make her become competitive.
  • It can enhance the student’s ability to learn fast.
  • It can challenge the student and make him/her able to solve difficult math problems.