Childcare centres vs. home care: Which is better?

One of the most stressful and contentious issues parents face is the decision of placing their children in childcare centres or homecare. Adding to the confusion are the numerous findings from multiple research studies about this topic.

The numerous research studies all found that home-based settings work best for infants and toddlers during the first three years of their lives. Fewer behavioural issues, less stress, and less illness are experienced by these very young children in home-based childcare settings.

However, it is not always possible for parents to provide a home-based childcare setting especially when both are working out of the home. Hiring a disinterested nanny or being an impatient parent makes childcare centres a better option for both the child and parents.

Childcare centres offer formal and structured environments for children. They are often large learning centres that provide multiple programs and activities meant to instil social, emotional and literacy skills to very young children.

The advantages provided by a good childcare centre include:


Exposure to peer interaction

It can be a good thing to expose your child to the larger class sizes of childcare centres. Playing with kids of the same age allows your child to learn important social skills such as conscientiousness, making friends, sharing, compromising, and learning from others.

Studies have shown that children often form long-lasting friendships with their peers they get to know in childcare centres. Bonding with peers at an early age plays a significant role in the way children form friendships later in life.

The development of social skills provided by childcare centres is beyond priceless. Learning to share, compromise, and taking turns are skills that encourage children to become better adults.


Good childcare centres are well-staffed. This ensures their dependability when it comes to taking good care of your child. The numerous caretakers contribute to making a good childcare centre consistent with their planned goals and activities. Parents also benefit from the consistent business hours provided by reputable childcare centres. This allows them peace of mind knowing that their children are in good hands while they are at work.

High-quality childcare centres also hire the best teachers. Most of the staff holds early-childhood education degrees, making them effective people to teach pre-literacy and pre-math skills to children under their care.


Structured environment

Young children feel safe and secure with structured schedules in a structured environment. The consistency provided by childcare centres fosters a feeling of home-away-from-home in children which is very important for their growth and development.

The regulated schedules for naptime, playtime, and mealtime provide children an expected outcome every time they walk in. Studies have shown that regimens are good for children when it comes to their learning and development processes. It can be said that very young children thrive on schedules and regimens in structured settings.

These structured settings and schedules encourage young children to learn better organisational skills. Encouraging the kids to clean or put away things when done with a task helps them to acquire clean and healthy habits.


Knowing the child-proofing equipment and programs used by potential childcare centres is the best way to get the right one for your child. Vetting child care centres in your local area before entrusting your precious child to them is the smartest way a parent needs to do.



Making the right technological decisions for your children

Most parent have the difficult task of taking decisions regarding technology which didn’t even exist when they were children themselves. They go by their instinct to make the right decisions and to understand what is best for their child. Sometimes the whole thing can be pretty confusing and can leave the best of u bewildered. However, the following are a few tips from the expert teachers at preschools in Darwin which would help you arrive at the right decisions.


Technology for communicating

You can use the mobile to build connections which can help develop your child mentally and socially. Bring them closer to the family by letting them Face time Grandparents or Skype their cousins and friends. These days there are many families which live far from one another. Technology though has helped bridge the gap. It helps children stay connected to their extended family.


Show your child interesting stuff using your computer or mobile

You can show some interesting videos to your children. For example if there is a certain question that they ask you, what better way to explain it to them then showing it on You tube.  Children are highly visual creatures. They can learn a great deal by watching things and it always creates a lasting impact on their active minds. Use the dictionary to learn new words or get to know the spellings of words that they already know. There are games which help facilitate language learning. You could teach your child a language or two by downloading the different language apps. Children love to learn new things and this is one way which you could help them.


Get involved with your children

Don’t just handover the mobile or the computer to your child and let them watch it unattended. While it’s an attractive option to ensure that the child stays quiet and involved, it’s important for parents to supervise them at all times. Its better that you involve yourself in what your child is watching. Discuss what the child thinks about the content they just watched. Listen to their opinion and have a healthy discussion with them. This would help develop mental capability in children from a young age and make them feel that their opinions are valued.

 Make them experience the hands on approach

Before you invest in technology in the form of an iPad or a laptop, make sure that your child is involved in activities which teach them a hands on approach. They should show an active interest in reading books, painting and coloring or indulging in physical play. There is no amount of technology which can substitute for all of the above mentioned things. Make sure that any experience they have with the real world is all the more important. In fact if possible try to control the amount of time they spend using technological gadgets. Some experts advise screen time of less than two hours for children. Some consider this as too much. Make sure your child doesn’t exceed the suggested time.

Your Professional Babysitter

Although, most of us may not know this, children in their very early years are like a learning sponge. They will absorb behaviours, language and movement like a sponge in their first formative years; that is between the ages of one to three especially. These are also the years that require parents to watch over them constantly, they cannot be left unsupervised for even seconds when awake and are in the age that requires a lot of running around. In another aspect, soon after the baby is born parents are learning to cope with the new addition, making adjustments in their routine to be able to parent properly and one of the parents will most likely either leave their current job or will not be able to excel in it the way they did before. With this age group being a crucial age for a young child’s development, parents only want to perfect their abilities and have a difficult time managing everything together. What if I told you that it doesn’t need to be so hard to raise kids and excel in your career at the same time?

A few decades ago, the solution would sound ridiculous but today with its wider acceptance, childcare is helping parents all over the world. For those parents completely new to the concept, allow me to explain what it is and what benefits are available through childcare services. To describe it simply, childcare in Toowoomba is a professional and commercial form of babysitting, something we all are acquainted with. What is different between childcare services and babysitting is a marked difference in security, safety and expertise.

Childcare services strictly adhere to regulations that offer a safe and secure place for children, so that parents may leave them worry-free. Staff and caregivers are required to have some sort of formal education and certification that pertains to dealing with children exclusively. They must be free of any criminal record and such related suspicion and meticulous background checks will re-affirm this for all hired staff. The idea is to offer an environment that will also help children learn and engage them in activities good for enabling their skills and aiding their development. This is why parents no longer worry about leaving their children in childcare Toowoomba because the professional services and security is monitored and regulated. With this service parents are able to go to work and focus solely on their jobs in the time that they are away from their children. This has shown to increase efficiency at work, which will eventually lead to promotions, bigger opportunities, career growth and inevitable job satisfaction and security.

This system of happier parents and happy kids has resulted in a new family system with idealistic expectations being met and an overall better quality of life. This is also a solution for children that have no brothers or sisters and tend to get lonely at home. Busybees childcare in Toowoomba offers a place of social interactions, company and a chance for little ones to make friends!

Qualities of a good Townsville Kindergarten

Kindergarten, ideally, is a fun and smooth transition to real education for your child. The rest of the long education time starts with kindergarten. This makes it imperative for parents to choose the right school to make the best possible start for their child.

Choosing the right Townsville Kindergarten to start the education process right can be a tough decision for parents. For one thing, kindergarten is not really mandated schooling for children.


Advantages provided by Kindergarten schooling


Kindergarten may not be a mandatory education process for children. However, kindergarten provides a child the opportunity to practice and learn the important emotional, study, social, and problem-solving skills. A child needs to develop these traits early on to use throughout the entire schooling.

Other benefits offered by kindergarten schooling include:


Encourages and provides direction for a child’s curiosity

The natural curiosity of children can be channelled positively when they are encouraged and directed to focus. Learning becomes an exciting time for the child when his natural curiosity is sparked and directed.


Enhancement of self-esteem

One of the solid educational foundations offered by kindergarten to a child is the development of self-esteem. A child that is encouraged to feel good and comfortable develops confidence about who he is. The challenges of learning are faced by a child confident in his abilities.


Cooperation training

Learning to get along with their peers, do assigned work, and learn lessons instil a cooperative spirit in a child. Spending a year in kindergarten opens opportunities for the child to learn to share, listen, take turns, and patience. The development of these social skills will help a child through all the years of formal schooling and beyond.

Qualities of a good kindergarten


Parents and educators alike will give varied descriptions about the qualities of a kindergarten school to make it the best one. Whatever their descriptions are, they all agree that a good kindergarten school must have the following qualities, to include:


Inspire children to love writing and reading books

An ideal kindergarten classroom should be full of words, writings, and drawings of children, and books. Having these things are ways to foster a love of learning for children.


Expands the learning abilities of children

Problem-solving and organized information enhances a child’s confidence and self-esteem. Challenging tasks are met by a child who has learned confidence.


Sitting and large group activities are kept to a minimum

Dividing the children into smaller groups maximises play-based and hands-on learning. Sitting while playing and learning is kept to a minimum at least from the start. Large group activities are only introduced as the year progresses. Longer learning sessions for large group activities have to be included in the program of a good kindergarten school. Doing this provides children a smoother transition for the 1st grade.


Welcoming environment

Kindergarten may be a first time experience for some children to be away from their parents for a long period of time. Even children having day care experience will feel nervous as well. Putting the children at ease begins with a welcoming environment. A colourful and bright classroom environment provides an appealing and welcoming atmosphere.


Young children are introduced to the world of formal education with kindergarten. The lengthy educational path begins in kindergarten. Make it right for the child by choosing from the best kindergartens in Townsville.







Top-notch Private Schools Brisbane

Some families want an early college preparation start for their children. This is the main reason for parental interest in top-notch private schools in Brisbane.

Brisbane’s private secondary schools have become known for factors such as advanced learning facilities and rich curriculum.


Top factors provided by private schools in Brisbane


A child has the opportunity of gaining a high-quality education when enrolled in private schooling. The cutting edges private schools have compared to public schooling include:


Modern learning facilities

Modern learning facilities are standards for private schools. This is because private educational institutions believe in active student participation academically and non-academically.

Experienced and high-qualified teachers are typically hired by private schools to enhance the educational opportunities of their various students. Additions of facilities geared for sports and theatre, ultra-modern laboratories, and state-of-the-art libraries provided by private schools further boost up the learning environment.


Active involvement of parents and in the community

Parents are encouraged to become actively involved in the education of their child. The goal of private schools is to form a sense of learning community among teachers, parents, and students.

This is because private schools believe in the huge influence of parents over their child. Educating the child becomes successful with the positive support coming from parents.

The spirit of community service is also encouraged by private schools with their students. The offer of elective courses towards community service is one way of raising the awareness of students with the workings of teamwork and civic responsibility.

Excellent academic curriculum

The particular abilities inherent in every student are successfully captured by the rich and excellent educational curriculum provided by private schools. The highly-qualified staff, the accommodating learning environment, the individual attention, and the small class all enhance the learning process.

The educational approach towards creativity, talent realisation, and learning environment enhance and encourages academic excellence in every student.

Becoming a number in a big class often thwarts rather than encourage students to show their best. This is the main reason for the small class concept provided by private schools.

Small classroom settings not only benefit the student but the teacher as well. The smallness of the class provides teachers a perspective about the academic performance of every student.

Another impact of smaller classes is the absence of disciplinary issues. This means that students will have every chance to learn from teachers that are given all the opportunity to teach.


Extensive extracurricular programs for sports and the arts

There is no whim of budgets to cut and curtail extracurricular activities in private schools. An integral part of the private schools’ purpose and life are sports and arts programs.

Teachers play an active role in sports programs too. In private school settings, teachers are encouraged to meet their students in different settings other than only inside the classroom.

The teachers are also required to take a direct role in other extracurricular activities other than sports. This allows students to see their teacher not only as their English teacher, for instance. With this practice, students may view an entirely new personality to their teacher.


It takes time to choose the perfect private schools in Brisbane for your beloved child. There are many factors to consider with the process of selecting the best private school. As parents’, knowing what is best for your child can help in your decision.






Power Of Square Roots

1. The whole powers

In first and second, you studied the positive integer powers of natural numbers then of integers and finally of fractions and decimals. Until then the powers were positive.

If we can say, the powers have been “invented” in order to simplify the multiplications.

Instead of writing 2.2.2, write 2³.

In third , we move to the higher speed: Arrive the whole powers, so positive or negative while remaining whole. In future years, powers may be fractional.

Note : The negative exponent tells me that I must take the opposite of the designated expression. Thus for example the exponent -3 tells me that I must take the opposite of the expression and then raise this new expression to the cube. A negative power never indicates that the expression considered is negative but simply that we must go to the opposite!

Review the definitions, properties on page 58 and the exercises that you solved on page 59

Small additional explanations : explanations_puissances

Obviously review all the exercises done in class. Rewrite them in the draft, check the answers by comparing them to the answers in the notebook. (That supposes a notebook in order and neat!)

Correction of some exercises on the powers of pages 66 and 67: corr_ex_pages_66_et_67

Complementary exercises :   intro_puissances  and the correction:

If you still want other exercises on the powers, go see on the internet. Just introduce ‘exercises on the powers’ and many corrected exercises will be proposed.

To have relative to the powers:  must_exhaustances   and the correction: 

2.The square roots.

Introduction: see the sheets distributed in class:


Before solving the exercises below, review everything that has been done in class, the theoretical notions, the meaning of the symbols, the notations. Also do the exercises done in the notebook. Check the solutions by comparing with the solutions of the notebook.

Some small reminders:

  1. How to simplify the radicals: Simplification_of_radicals
  2. How to add radicals: Somme_de_radicaux
  3. How to multiply radicals: Product_of_rounded_rules
  4. Making the denominators rational: Making_the_national_dominators


Here are some other ex_radical_1 exercises    and their corrections. Corr_ex_radicaux

and others: ex_radicaux_2

Duty for the: must_role_carr_e_2006_2007

test example: November 8, 2009 test: test_radicaux_09_10

Correction of exercises on page 70 done in class  correction_page_70

First-degree equations to an unknown

These are last year’s equations in second place. I advise you to review in your course last year the exercises that you had solved and the method of resolution.

You can also do all exercises 1 to 7 on page 38 and 86 to 89 on page 46.

Click on the link to find the solutions.

How to solve an equation that seems more complicated, with denominators, large bars of fraction, “less” in front of these bars of fraction, etc.

Click here, you will find ways to learn .

Here are some other equations …. a little more complicated.

Here are the solutions:


So far, we are solving equations that admit a single solution. We can say that they are “determined” equations.

Special equations

1) Impossible equations

Either solve the equation: 0x = 4

Question : Is there a number that multiplies by 0 gives 4 as a product? None, of course! 0 being absorbent element for multiplication! This equation does not admit any solution. We will say that it is an impossible equation.

Here is a series of impossible equations.

0x = -3 0x = 78 0x = -56

2) Indeterminate equations

Either solve the equation: 0x = 0

Question : Is there a number that multiplies by 0 gives 0 as a product? Yes of course ! Any number multiplied by 0 gives 0 as product. Any number is therefore solution of this equation. Here is an equation that admits an infinity of solutions. It’s an indeterminate equation .


In summary then

An equation has one solution: determined equation

an equation admits an infinity of solutions: indeterminate equation

An equation admits no solution: impossible equation


2. The zero-product equations

Reminder : 0 is an absorbing element for multiplication. This means that if a factor of a product is zero, the product is necessarily zero.

Example : 3.5×2,7x0x3,6 = 0 because one of the factors of this product is zero.

Mathematically, whatever the numbers a and b,

If a = 0 or b = 0 then ab = 0

Reciprocally , we will admit that if a product is zero then at least one of its factors is necessarily zero.

Mathematically, whatever the numbers a and b,

if ab = 0, then a = 0 or b = 0

Example :

Here is a zero product: (x + 2) (x + 3) = 0. This product has two factors. Since the product is zero, it is because one of the two factors of the product is necessarily nil. Let the first factor (x + 2) = 0, or the second factor (x + 3) = 0. The product (x + 2) (x + 3) is therefore zero if x = -2 or x = -3.

The numbers found, -2 and -3 are solutions of the equation (x + 2) (x + 3) = 0.

An equation of this type is called a “zero product equation”.

Let’s generalize :

An equation of the type (ax + b) (bx + c) = 0 is called a zero product equation.

The solutions of such an equation are the solutions of each of the equations ax + b = 0 and cx + d = 0

(See the little summary at the bottom of page 32.)

How to reduce an equation to a zero product equation?