The superior standard of education of Gold Coast private schools is the primary benefit offered to various students in the Gold Coast. Numerous studies have seen the higher scores on average, involving all subjects, to be with students enrolled in private schools.

While it can be said that higher scores can be achieved by students regardless of being enrolled in private or public schools, the better than average scores are seen with private school students.

Enrolling children in the Gold Coast private schools bring a host of benefits, to include:

High graduation and college acceptance rates

The high rates of graduation and college acceptance are the distinguishing mark of private schools. Studies have seen that students coming from private schools are likely to graduate college regardless of their socioeconomic status.

The higher academic standards of private schools are seen to be the prime contributor to this finding. Private schools, as a rule, require their students to attend a greater number of classes and subjects for them to complete the curriculum of the school.

High satisfaction levels with teachers and parents

The high satisfaction levels seen with teachers and parents are another area that private schools excel in. It has been seen that the overall educational aspect provided by private schooling to their students make parents generally satisfied.

Administrators and teachers in private schools also report higher satisfaction levels compared to their counterparts in public schools. The recognition and importance provided by private schools to their teachers and administrators is the top contributing factor for the high satisfaction levels.

Smaller class sizes

The smaller class sizes provided by private schools create a 1:11 teacher to student ratio provides more help and attention to their students. The smaller teacher-student ratio helps teachers to spot problems with struggling students. This, in turn, make teachers provide much-needed help to overcome the problem.

High academic standards

Encouraging critical thinking, personal growth stimulation, and the nurturing of intellectual curiosity are the high academic standards practiced by competent private schools. The availability of advanced courses with good private schools is the things that promote and encourage students to grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

Overall growth for a student

Intellectual curiosity and ability are not the only things students learn in private schools. Civic conscience, social, and personal growth beyond the classroom are nurtured as well. This takes the form of school leadership programs, athletic competitions, and artistic pursuits.

Excellent and competent teachers

Private schools are picky when it comes to hiring teachers. Teachers that are passionate and experts in their chosen field are the standard requirements met by teachers in private schools.

A fuller understanding of the interests of their students is provided with the autonomy provided by private schools to their teachers. This means that providing more autonomy in the classroom enables teachers to create and design great ideas as a way to individually motivate their students.

Selecting a school with a mission

The teaching approach, philosophy, and values are the missions seen in various private schools. Knowing the school’s mission enables parents the opportunity of selecting the school that is right for their children.

Every child has individual and unique needs. The assurance of meeting a child’s individual needs is having him/her enrolled in a private school.

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